Want a Hassle Free Custom Home Design and Build Experience?

Indoor Pool in Custom Home

Traditionally when you build a custom home, you contact a designer or an architect who designs a home based on your ideas, needs, and wants. You will likely receive the plans and a 3D representation of the home to take to a builder. The builder views the plans and builds the home for you. Most of the time the builder contacts a plumber and electrician to take care of their respective areas, but sometimes you are responsible for that task.

This process flows flawlessly and there are never any problems… in a perfect fantasy world. Here at Montana Heritage Home Builders, we know that isn’t always the case in the real world. We’ve seen and heard horror stories that include issues that lead to structural instability and that lead the homeowner into serious financial troubles. Delays due to miscommunication between builder, plumber, electrician, and homeowner create serious problems between the entire building crew.

That’s why we designed our company in a way that would encapsulate the entire process from planning to completion. We don’t leave anything to chance. We assign a specific team to work with your project, and you have one single point of contact for the duration. Everyone on our team knows what everyone else is doing, but your point of contact will remain the same so there is no chance of miscommunication.


Our design team is amazing. We begin the project by visiting you to meet you at your home. We listen carefully to what you want and need out of your new custom home. We develop a project scope and budget and assess the current condition of your home if the project is a remodel.

Once we have the required information from you, our designers hit the drawing board. You’re presented with designs of your home; we establish a groundbreaking or beginning date, and help you select materials that will be used in your home.

Pre-Construction Paperwork

The construction agreement consists of a complete scope of the intended work to ensure that all of your selections are properly documented. We make sure that all of the required permits are obtained, surveys are completed, and documents are in order. We create a final construction document including drawings. Once all paperwork is taken care of and signed, construction will begin on schedule.

The Construction Process

Your project manager will be on site daily to oversee the project and update you regularly on progress. They will maintain site security and cleanliness as well as present invoices based on your pre-chosen payment plan.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when the keys are in your hand. We will remain available to you for any questions or concerns you have. We will schedule follow-up appointments to ensure that your home is functioning as intended, and that you don’t have any unexpected problems crop up. Our overall goal is your satisfaction, and we stay in touch to make sure your homeownership dreams are brought to reality by through the teamwork we’ve worked to perfect over time.