Pet Friendly Spaces and 7 More 2018 Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen has become a focal point in the home unlike 50 years ago when it was situated toward the back of the home. It was the place to hide the cooking mess and dirty dishes when you had guests over in the formal dining room. Today’s homeowner invites friends and family into the kitchen while all the hustle and bustle is happening, so it’s imperative that we make the area as functional and stylish as possible. Take a look at these 8 kitchen trends for 2018.

1. Pet Friendly Spaces: We’ll start here because the majority of homeowners today own pets. We strive to create a child-friendly and pet-friendly atmosphere in every kitchen we design. Some pet-friendly places may include a pull-out drawer for their food and water or a built-in gate by the kitchen island to keep them away from the stove while you’re cooking.

2. Smart Appliances: Technological advances in the kitchen include a refrigerator that can help you keep track of the grocery list, a range that remembers your cooking style, a microwave with custom programmable buttons, and much more. Both small and large appliances may include smart technology.

3. Colors: Whites, grays, and dark or bold accents are here to stay. White has always been very popular in the kitchen because it gives a sense of cleanliness. Gray works well with white and creates an elegant appeal. Dark or bold colors offer amazing contrast for decorative purposes.

4. Streamlined Designs and Contrasting Textures: Decrease the clutter and open up the visual space. Use a variety of textures to bring attention to specific areas.

5. Quartz: Everyone still loves a quartz countertop. Don’t overlook quartz when you’re considering countertop materials. It’s practically maintenance-free and looks amazing for years.

6. Organized Storage Design: Spice drawers, boxes, baskets, and label-makers have found their way from the office and into the kitchen. Organized storage will help keep your kitchen looking amazing and keep everything where it needs to be.

7. Flooring: Ceramic tile and hardwood are still the most popular flooring types for the kitchen. Get creative with your flooring and consider patterns or designs. Herringbone or chevrons are excellent design options for hardwood flooring.

8. Single-Level Kitchen Islands: The kitchen island has grown and evolved over the years. Today’s kitchen islands are most commonly a single level and multi-purpose. We often add an eating area, oven, wine cooler, mini fridge, sink, and a few cabinets. And don’t forget the outlets for charging electronics.

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