How to Choose a Faucet for Your Bathroom Based on Style and Functionality

The finishing touches are what really make a room look amazing… or not. We have helped many northwest Montana homeowners realize their dream of building and owning a custom home. Today we’re going to address bathroom sink faucets and how to choose the best type for your new bathroom.

Mounting the Faucet

You have many options when mounting the faucet and handles in your bathroom. You can use a variety of mounting methods as well as faucet styles. Here are a few options to consider:

* Single Hole Faucets: A single-hole mount only requires one hole for plumbing the hot and cold water. The on-off lever is generally on top or behind the faucet.

* Center Set Faucets: These are a single unit faucets that often require three holes in the sink deck to accommodate plumbing for hot and cold as well as mounting hardware.

* Wall Mounted Faucets: Wall mounted faucets allow you to hide all of the plumbing behind the wall and free up space on and below the sink.

* Widespread Mounted Faucets: Widespread faucets and handles can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. This is very common in large bathrooms.

Consider the Sink Style

Your sink style and size have a lot to do with the type of faucet that they will accommodate. A pedestal sink, for example, is perfect for a center-mounted faucet or a single-hole faucet. A large sink and vanity in a his and hers bathroom is excellent for a wide-mounted faucet. So make sure you’re choosing a faucet style that will properly fit your sink.

High Tech Faucets

Technological advances in automotive design have shown us cars that run on electricity. Similarly, advances in bathroom technology have brought us motion activated faucets with flow control. Touchless faucets are an excellent addition to your bathroom because they help prevent the spread of germs.

Custom Home Builds and Bathroom Design in Northwest Montana

Unique design of every individual room in your custom home is what building custom is all about. You get to choose what goes into every square foot of your new home. That’s a truly liberating feeling for a homeowner, and we’re going to be right there to walk you through it. Give us a call to start planning your custom home building northwest Montana. We’ll schedule an appointment for a consultation and get things moving.