5 Factors to Consider when Building Your Custom Home

Building a custom home requires a lot of careful planning and forethought. You can’t just decide to build and start digging the foundation within a week. You’ll likely spend several weeks with us planning the design, choosing materials, and getting permits. Don’t worry; we’ll take care of those pesky permits for you. But here are 5 major factors to consider when building a custom home.

1. Budget: Your budget will help dictate the size and type of home we build. You already know you can’t build a huge home on a small budget, so keep in mind that while we can help you stretch the budget, we can’t force it to perform miracles.

2. Quality Materials: The two places we always say don’t skimp – quality materials and quality workmanship. That’s why we put those two together in this list. You can’t go wrong when you choose someone who really knows what they’re doing and materials that will stand the test of time.

3. Quality Workmanship: A lot of home builders call northwest Montana home, but not all of them provide the same quality workmanship for custom homes. Some builders focus on track homes where similar homes are built throughout a subdivision and show very few design changes. Their workmanship may be excellent for that type of work, but they aren’t custom home builders.

4. Planning Time: Take your time! We can’t stress this one enough. Take your time and plan before you plan. You’ve heard builders use the phrase, “measure twice, cut once,” because you can always cut a little more, but you can’t always effectively splice a piece back together.

5. Plan for Delays: Delays happen. They may be weather related or due to illness, but sometimes they do happen. We will always strive to complete our work within the amount of time we quote you, but all we ask is for you to work with us if delays crop up.

Custom Home Builders in Northwest Montana

Building a custom home is an exciting adventure for everyone involved. We never really know what to expect from one build to the next because every homeowner has unique requests and needs. Call us if you’re planning to build a custom home in northwest Montana. We’ll help you make the tough decisions and show you the best places to splurge or save.